Many traders reach for retail business solutions at the source. To succeed in the new reality, retailers need an intelligent approach to technology in their stationary shops. This is where NetTickIT comes to the rescue, taking data and product information from internal and external sources and publishing it to the various locations the retailer needs.

In other words, NetTickIT is a modular, multi-channel middleware solution that enables critical price and product experience information to be communicated directly in-store, usually at the shelf, on a mobile phone, tablet or digital display.

The retail business solutions in question are intelligent software developed exclusively for retail – transforming the in-store customer experience and increasing the productivity of retailers worldwide.

NetTickIT – Leading the Way to an Improved Customer Experience

Technology in commerce in the 21st century is evolving at a rapid pace. We see more and more retailers using the latest technological innovations to improve the customer experience. With the help of retail technology experts, customers can shop worry-free during their in-store journey as NetTickIT provides them with accurate price and promotion information, product features, benefits and key sales messages.

Electronic labels for retailers have been available for several years, but retailers often do not install them because they fear that the cost of replacing each label in their shops and purchasing new software is too high. This is a myth, as the investment in retail technology experts more than pays for itself after some time. Retailers do not have to buy separate software for each type of display, so they can test and learn easily and cheaply.

Increasing sales

All prominent retail technology experts will advise you that investing in modern and intelligent signage systems is not a mistake, but an opportunity for the entrepreneur, especially in terms of increasing sales. Shops using NetTickIT can print the most up-to-date version of all in-store tickets and signs, so shops always display up-to-date coupons, prices and promotions.

A retailer using NetTickITĀ® has been able to connect with its customers at the crucial moment of purchase, increasing in-store sales by up to 30%. Many of the smart solutions available are simple to implement.

Those that have a high impact only require the right kind of visuals to encourage customers to take action. What’s more, it creates the opportunity to automatically send information or discounts on products that are close to the customer, or even on complementary products located elsewhere.


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