Yes, this happens in a relationship. This is a bitter truth. People throw you away. No matter how much love you bestowed, how much respect you gave, how much availability you showed, the wrong ones will always throw you away. It might seem shocking, but this does happen. Unexpected things happen. Being thrown away by your loved one is the worst feeling to experience.

You might have invested a lot more love, time, and your emotions while being in a relationship. You might have been his/her best partner. You might be smart, jolly, successful, a great person to be with, and above all, you might have treated your partner like gold.

Still, the result would be quite devastating, i.e., thrown away like garbage.

That too, even after being good friends, staying together, having fun together, and meeting each other’s families. But then a slight level of misunderstanding occurs, and your partner throws you away. That’s sad. Really sad. But you have to face this hardship.

Why Did Your Partner Throw You Away?

You might be questioning yourself, why did this happen? Why always this happens to me? Where did I go wrong? Was he/she ever in love with me? What did I miss? What to do now?

Well, you are not the first person experiencing this thing. It happens to almost everyone in a relationship. Don’t worry. We are here to help you come out of this all trauma.

So, what to do? Waste time in bringing that toxic partner back? Invest time in getting him/her back again? End your life?

All such thoughts might be sprinkling in your mind if you have been into this problem. Don’t worry. This reading will help in easing the healing process. So, stay connected to us until the end.

How to Heal when Someone Throws You Away?

when someone throws you away

Follow the advice given below to understand what you should do when you have been thrown away. We hope these suggestions will ease the healing process for you and help you come out of this shock.

  • Figure Out the Reasons Why Did This Happen?

Now all this has happened. You have been mistreated and thrown away. What you have to do is figure out why all this happened? Did you commit a mistake anywhere? If yes, then make a promise with yourself that you won’t do that again.

However, in most cases, the wrongdoer is the one who has betrayed you. The person who has thrown you away is at fault. So, why are you worried when you haven’t done anything wrong? Consider it a blessing and a life-long lesson. It’s a blessing for you that you got rid of the wrong person.

The wrongdoers never find peace. So, you don’t have to worry at all. What he/she has done wrong will reflect upon him/her.

  • Communicate with Your Partner to See if There is Still a Hope

thrown away

When you get in a relationship, you spend too much of your energy and emotions into it. The most important part of the relationship is the emotional attachment. We get too much emotionally dependent on our partners that we cannot think of living without them.

So, when you invest too much, you must give yourself and your partner an opportunity and try to get him/her back. Maybe the problem wasn’t that big; perhaps it was a slight misunderstanding or a mis-confusion.

So, what you can do is communicate with your partner. Try to get him/her back. See if there is still a hope. There is a possibility that communication helps in sorting out the issues between you and your partner. If it works, you will regain the love of your life.

However, if your partner becomes rude and is not ready for communication, then it’s time to leave him/her. If your partner has made his/her mind to throw you away, despite your efforts to get him/her back, then let him/her go, and you opt to go for the healing process. His/her cheating on you does not mean that you are the wrong person.

  • Your Partner Might Have Thrown You Away Because of His/her Insecurities


It’s not necessary that he/she might have thrown you away because of your behavior. The most probable thing is that he/she was never confident in himself/herself. Your partner might have thrown you away because of his/her insecurities.

He/she might feel that he/she is not good looking, is not successful enough, does not have a perfect shape or body, will not cater to responsibilities that come with relationship or any such thing. These all are your partner’s insecurities, and you have not to worry about them because you never asked them to be perfect.

So, if your partner is running away, it’s all because of his/her insecurities. It’s not your fault at all. So, you don’t have to bother.

  • Be Patient

If your loved one has thrown you away, then this is not the end of the world. If one person did not value you and betrayed you, do not panic about his/her behavior. Instead, look around. You will find out plenty of people who value you, take care of you, and are sincere with you. Get connected with them.

There is no need to be impatient. No matter how sincere you are, how honest you are, how dignified you are, there will always be one person who does not value you. All you have to do is walk away from them. That’s the best way to find peace. Be positive. You will undoubtedly find someone who loves you for the realm of you.

  • Talk to God

When you have been thrown away and been undervalued, this is the best time to talk to your God. HE will heal you. Instead of complaining to people, take your complaints to God. HE is always there to listen to you to heal you.

If you are sincere with God, HE will undoubtedly provide the best replacement. Once the replacement comes, you will forget what happened with you in the past.

  • Spend time with Quality People

thrown away

Yes, most of the people around us have a perverted nature, but there are good people along with them. Sit with them. Talk to them. Let the healing process work. You can also consult a psychiatrist if you want.

Final Words

Being thrown away like garbage by your loved one is a disastrous feeling. It is never easy to deal with the pain that a person goes through at this time. But you have to. This is life, and that’s how it goes. If you have been betrayed by your loved one or you have been undervalued, you have to be patient and gather the courage to bear this loss.

There is no need to panic. Just figure out where did you go wrong. Focus on improving yourself. Never commit the same mistake again. Bear the pain with patience and walk away. I guarantee you will emerge out as a stronger individual.


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