Making a woman happy in a relationship is not easy at all. It requires consistent feeding of love, sincere efforts, and continued struggle. However, when it comes to building a successful relationship, you can never compromise on a woman’s happiness. A healthy relationship exists when both man and woman are happy with each other. So, making a woman happy might be difficult but is equally important.

When you talk about making a woman happy, you must understand that men and women are not the same creatures. Although there are plenty of common points that make both men and women happy, still, everything that makes a man happy does not necessarily make a woman happy.

Hence, all the men must know how you can make a woman happy because the more you know, the happier your woman will be, and the happier you will be because only a happy woman can make a man happy. If a woman is not happy, she won’t be able to keep you happy.

10 Meaningful Tips to Make Woman Happy   

Here in this article, we have listed ten meaningful tips that you can adopt to make your woman happy.

So, let’s get started and explore some of the best tips that can make a woman happy.

1. Love Her

makes a woman happy

The first and foremost thing that you have to feed to your woman is pure and sincere love. When a woman is adequately loved, she feels much more relaxed around you and opens up readily. You might have the famous saying of Oscar Wilde

“Women Are Made to be Loved, Not Understood.”

Not feeding enough love is the reason for every argument that you have with your partner. If you love her properly in a way, she deserves, you won’t have arguments.

If she is unhappy or upset about her day at work or is not correctly answering you, it means she lacks love. Sit with her, talk to her, and make her feel loved. She will be all yours.

So, don’t be shy at expressing love for her. Don’t withhold your emotions; instead, be expressive. Shower lots of love and affection towards her, and she would do the same in return.

2. Respect Her

The most important thing that comes in a relationship is respect. Respect is sometimes so important that it has to be placed before love. Unfortunately, these days most partners do not respect each other. They do not value each other.

Respect is such an attractive characteristic that the more you give, the more you get it back. Treat her the way you wish to be treated. Respect is always associated with love. If you love your partner, you will necessarily respect her. If you are not respecting her, it means you do not love her.

Value her opinions, allow her to speak, be a good listener, and never insult her no matter how wrong her view is. Instead, appreciate her for being honest and truthful with you.

3. Compliment Her

makes a woman happy

Girls love it when someone compliments them. After all she is your partner. Who will compliment her, if not you? Whose else responsibility is this to compliment her? No one else. You have to applaud her for everything she does for you, no matter how little it is.

It might not have value for you, but for her, it does. Saying words like “Thank you for cooking food for me,” “Thank you for supporting me,” “You are wearing a beautiful dress,” “You are looking beautiful today,” will boost her confidence. She will love you more and give importance to you before anything else.

The idea behind complimenting her is to make her feel special. So, never underestimate the power of compliments. These wordings play a vital role in making a woman happy.

4. Communicate with Her

An essential thing in a successful relationship is communication. You have to admit that you will have issues and conflicts with your partner. But it does not mean that you start disliking her for her views. Give her the liberty to express her thoughts. Listen calmly. Whenever you have disagreements or conflicts, sit together, and resolve them through effective communication.

Most men choose to be silent over effective communication, which is not suitable for a healthy relationship. When your girl feels that you are ignoring her, she will lose her interest in you. So, never underestimate the power of effective communication and solve your issues through the power of talks.

5. Hang Out with Her

makes a woman happy

Hanging out with your partner is significant. You can take her for a candlelight dinner, for a walk in a park, or any other such beautiful place. Hanging out with your partner allows you to get close to her. Opt to choose a noise-free place and enjoy her company.

6. Be A Good Listener

Women usually talk more than men. So, what they want is that their partner should be a good listener. Not only a listener but be an active listener.

An active listener listens to her partner when she speaks and asks questions while she is talking. Women love this attitude because they feel that they are being valued, and they realize that you are paying attention to what she is saying.

When someone opens up to you or shares his/her feelings, all you have to do is listen and show sympathy. Don’t start blaming back or stop providing useless solutions instantly; rather, just listen to what she says. I guarantee when you will listen to her, she will start valuing you much more than before.

7. Be Intimate with Her

Being intimate does not always mean having sex with your partner; instead, there can be plenty of other ways of being intimate. Although physical intimacy is essential, yet emotional intimacy is something that always gets ignored.

You must understand her emotional needs, deal with her mood swings, and value her feelings. Cuddle her, take her into your arms, kiss her hand and forehead and talk to her. Allow her to open up. Once she gets emotionally strong, she would turn out to be a strong woman, and you will enjoy a good time with her in the future.

8. Be A Responsible Manloyal to her

Women crave for a responsible man. They love such men who have the potential to take the responsibility of not only themselves but also can handle family problems manfully. Women don’t like men who are immature and possess childish habits.

Also, most men aren’t aware of the relationship’s sensitivity, and they end up hurting and insulting their partners. As a man, you should take ownership of your partner and live with her in a friendly manner.

Don’t be too sensitive. Act like a real man and handle the situations in a professional manner. That’s how your woman will feel relaxed and know that she has someone who can handle situations in a better way.

9. Have Fun Activities with Her

You don’t have to be serious all the time; instead, fun is also an essential part of life. Play games with her. Indulge in some healthy activities. Even you can have a cooking session with her where you can cook food with her.

Apart from that, any sort of game such as running, cards, or any other will strengthen the bond between you. So, fun activities are a necessary part of life. Never underestimate the importance of these activities.

10. Stay Loyal to Her


Loyalty is the most important and most prominent part of the relationship. How can a woman be happy when she sees you with other women? So, you have to be loyal and don’t allow her any chance to doubt you.

Stay committed to her and make her feel that she is the only option for you. Make her your top priority. That’s how you can stay close to her heart.

It has been rightly said that:

A Good Man Doesn’t Love a Million Girls. He Loves One Girl in Million Ways”

Final Words

Making a woman happy is a necessary ingredient of a healthy relationship. If you want to make her happy, you have to understand women’s nature and realize what women crave for. Women crave for partners who are responsible, who care, and can make them feel special.

To make your woman happy, you have to be a good guy yourself. Understand her needs and act upon the advice detailed above. You will end up building a productive relationship with your partner.

I would like to end up by quoting a famous line I read somewhere. It says:

“Be a man that a woman needs. Not a man that needs a woman.”


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