A website holds a huge significance in our personal and professional lives. Every small and large businesses have their customized websites that show their true identity to their clients. The growing demand for website increases the value of web development in the market.

Web development is an excellent field for fresh computer science graduates to pursue a thriving career and succeed ahead. It provides constant learning opportunities for developers to keep learning new things everyday.

Developers can choose various options of becoming a front-end, back-end, and database developer. The field of mobile application development is also rising and offers demanding career opportunities for developers.

There is a long-term and sustainable scope of website development in the world and it is constantly growing with many new technological trends. These are powerful trends that are useful in different areas of businesses.

Here are the seven incredible trends in the web development in 2021:

Responsive UX Web Design

The trend for responsive web design has an increasing popularity among businesses and customers alike. Every small, medium, and large enterprise business wants to grab the attention of audience.

Having a responsive design gives a wonderful user-experience and catches ultimate attraction of target customers. It has a power to attract and retain audience for a longer time on your website.

The best feature of responsive website design is that it works effectively on all devices and platforms. It includes smartphones, tablets, desktop, laptop, and PDA. The trendy and stylish website design gives a colorful impression on customers and drive more leads and conversions to your website.

Free Website Generators

In the fast paced era of today, businesses have not much time to hire a professional developer to code a website. It takes a lot of time and effort to develop a website on Html, CSS, Javascript, Php, C-sharp, Java, and Dot net. These are powerful languages that build a strong base of website and make customizations according to the requirements of customers.

Nowadays, businesses use the variety of free website generator tools that create a website within few minutes. These tools do not need complex coding and use ready-made templates to design a website. It does not need a lot of time, money, and resources and you can make a DIY website at home.

Angular Javascript

It is a modern and advanced Javascript framework used for both web and mobile app development for businesses and individuals. Angular Javascript is an open-source front-end framework that supports Html and CSS for creating dynamic single page web applications. The core features of angular javascript development are lightweight website application, faster speed loading performance, readable and accessible code, and rapid cross platform development.

Many organizations build their web applications on the angular framework technology to have a competitive edge and show dominance over other businesses. It introduces a rising trend for creating single page applications that load faster and show a dynamic impact on customers.

These applications can be run on any device or browser platform such as desktop, smartphones, tablets, chrome, firefox,  internet explorer, safari, opera, and netscape navigation.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps are commonly known as PWA. They are one of the hottest trends in the field of website development. Using these apps is beneficial for businesses to have offline access and send push notifications to customers frequently. They work like a native app and show better user experience to customers.

Developers can use various tools to build a progressive web application such as react and angular. They minimize the load time and maximize lead conversions of website. PWA offers faster development approach to businesses and shows a responsive attitude.

They are easy to find, install, and navigate by users. One of the tremendous characteristics of progressive web apps is connectivity-independent. These apps even operate without any need of internet connection.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is considered as the cutting-end technology trend in todays modern field of web development. It brings a new innovation in the area of computing and develops genius skills in robots and computing machines to think and act like human beings.

Numerous companies in the world use AI for various applications. It is used to automate the overall workflow task management operation of organizations. The mutual combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning allows developers to perform easy and efficient coding for websites. The coding is human readable and easily comprehend by businesses to make powerful automation software. The best example of artificial intelligence is chatbot which support customer service and enhances better relations with clients.

Internet of Things

Internet of things as its name suggests is a network of connected devices that can communicate and collaborate with each other. They are helpful for transmitting the data from one place to another.

Internet of things (IOT) involves any object comprising smart home devices like household equipment and security systems. It includes vehicle tracking system that uses sensors to detect the theft activity.

The main purpose of using IOT is to control and manage the remote devices. You can keep track of your home and office by sitting miles away at a far distant location. It makes your life easier and faster and saves your valuable time.


Chatbots are automated chat software available in every modern website. It opens up with a pop-up window and asks users for any need for assistance. Users can ask any kind of query to customer support agents and find a quick response. Agents describe in detail about the products and services of their organization and solve related complex issues of customers.


Hence, in a nutshell, these above-mentioned are the worth mentioning trends in the area of web development services in 2021. These trends are rising and gaining popularity among businesses of all sizes. Automation is the core factor in using and adopting these trends that helps organizations in faster execution of their tasks. The demand for web development is long-lasting that will sustain for many years in the coming future.


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