If you are looking for setting out on a trek but you are just a beginner in this field then make sure to choose the easy And moderate treks in India to suffice your wish. There are many but most visited trekking spots in India that are taken up to be thought of as moderate ones to trek at. Make sure to follow the list below before you leave out for a moderate trekking journey in India.

Hampta Pass Trek

The most famous and one of the frequent trekker moderate treks in India is the Hampta Pass Trek. The Hampta Pass Trek is nestled at Himachal Pradesh and is unique with the eye-catching sight of the dry barren side of Lahaul and the rich greenery of Spiti. Situated at a height of 14000 ft.

Hampta Pass Trek is thought to be a trekking spot for every kind of trekker set out on a trekking journey. The panoramic beauty provided to the trekkers by Hampta Pass is sure to be installed in the inner self of the visitor visiting Hampta Pass.

The mountain breeze will ease your tired self and the bewitching hills will endeavour a sense of belongingness with nature at Hampta Pass. The belief of souls leaving for Hell and Heaven adds more colour to the spot. Hampta Pass is majorly considered to be a moderate trekking zone in India.

Valley of Flowers Trek

The Valley of Flowers situated in the district of Chamoli at Uttarakhand is one of the most visited moderate treks in India. Valley of Flowers is nestled at a height of 3658 metres and is a popular trekking spot for most trekkers all over the year.

The charm and the divine guidance as you trek through the mountain path at Valley of Flowers will make you consider it to be the most loved and preferred moderate treks in India. The well-paved mountain roads do not seem to cause any ruckus on your Valley of Flowers trek. It is mostly accessible by trekkers of every kind.

The rare exotic Brahma Kamal flowers bloom at Valley of Flowers that is also the reason for being the most visited trekking spot in India. Do visit the Malari, Pandukeshwar Shiva Temple, Alokananda river, Badrinath Dham, Auli, Joshimath and Govindghat as you grasp the opportunity to trek through the mythical secrecy of nature and the belief of being a land of the mischievous fairies. Valley of Flowers is one of the most convenient and moderate trekking spots in India.

Kedarkantha Trek

As you are thinking about trekking through the moderate trekking areas in India you must count on Kedarkantha Trek. After all, Kedarkantha Trek is a moderate and adventurous and affordable trekking spot in India with nature’s purity extracted and spread in the whole area. Kedarkantha Trek is filled with immense holiness as you walk through the mountain paths on your trekking journey. The wonderful and serene environment of Kedarkantha Trek will engulf you in its arms of sanctity.

The lush green vegetation surrounding the area and the deep dense forests with exotic species of flora emerging makes one lose and surrender themselves to the kingdom of nature.

As you walk through the dense forests you will be mesmerized by the white snow blanketing the pine trees and the oak trees and the musical sound of the gushing waters of the streams and the waterfalls turns Kedarkantha Trek into a world full of magic.

The setting sun emits a glow on the mountain peaks and ranges is one of the best sights to view at Kedarkantha Trek. Though the Kedarkantha Peak is situated at a height of 12500 ft. and its starting point Sankri is settled at a height of 6000 ft. One of the easy and moderate treks in India, Kedarkantha Trek offers the trekkers to be one with nature’s secrets

Buran Ghati Trek

Buran Ghati Trek which is settled in Himachal Pradesh is considered to be a moderate trek for the trekkers. The beautiful lush green meadows and the calm ambience of Buran Ghati Trek will sure enthral your mind in a different trance.

Buran Ghati Trek begins from the Janglik Village that is considered to be somewhat away from the modern amenities and modern lifestyle. You have to pass through the dense forests to find yourself rolling in mirth in the wonderful Dayara meadows.

Once you have been to Dayara meadows you will be moving forward towards the dense and mystical forests of Litham. From Litham you have to trek towards Dunda.

Dunda is believed to provide you with the best camping site and Dunda is known for being in the most beautiful alpine mountain region with Barua situated on the opposite side of the pass. Barua is a lively village with hostility that will bewitch you for a long time. If you are seriously in search of a moderate trekking zone with different scenic beauty on every part of your trek then make sure to visit Buran Ghati once.


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