An endocrinologist in Nagpur states that Diabetes mellitus is when your body has more blood sugar than others. Food consumed by people, mainly carbohydrates, gets broken down to glucose. Let’s find out more about the treatment of diabetes.

Glucose and other nutrients get circulated throughout the body with the blood flow. With the help of a hormone secreted by the pancreas, your body transforms glucose into energy.

People suffering from diabetes risk factors face challenges in converting glucose to energy. Although type 2 diabetes patients can produce insulin, their body becomes resistant against the hormone.

The liver, muscles, and blood cells can’t make proper use of insulin. The pancreas needs to secrete more insulin than it can. Unused glucose level becomes high as the cells deny energy production.

Dr. Vina Bang says that high blood sugar can affect your heart and muscles. It can likewise cause gum infections, heart disease, amputation, Stroke, Kidney Disease, and blindness.

treatment of diabetes

Why do Diabetes Patients Become Dependent on Insulin?

Type 2 diabetes is insulin-independent. Why do patients become dependent on insulin? Diabetes is a progressive disease that destroys the productivity of the pancreas. If the patients don’t take proper medicines, doctors need to increase medication to balance the rising decline of insulin.

An endocrinologist in Nagpur states that oral medications are effective when the pancreas responds to medications. When the disease affects the pancreatic gland, it does not function properly. It is how insulin-independent patients become dependent on insulin. It is the reason why doctors prescribe insulin to diabetes patients before exhausting oral alternatives.

How can you Manage Diabetes Type 2?

Apart from the oral medications and insulin injectables, you can follow some measures to avoid complications related to diabetes. Diet is vital to control blood sugar levels. Eat a consistent diet that’s rich in fiber but has low sugar. Consistency is a Priority. It ensures that you take adequate insulin dosage and keeps your blood sugar level low.

Exercise proves to be beneficial for diabetes patients. Walking as little as 20 minutes a day acts as medicine. It lowers the risk of ulcers, kidney disease, amputation, and Stroke. Did you know that alcohol increases your blood sugar level? It increases Triglyceride count and Causes neuritis. Smoking causes harm to your body as well. It contributes to heart disease and reduces blood circulation.

In a Nutshell

Now, why do type 2 diabetics depend on insulin? Since they lack insulin in their bodies, they need a more prominent measure of this substance to change blood glucose to vital energy.

Though the people dissected as people with type 2 diabetes do become insulin-dependent, this doesn’t infer that they have gotten back to type 1 diabetes. If you have or know someone who has type 2 diabetes, be keen to choose or share a proper course for living to the extent of eating regimen, practice, and various penchants.

Dr. Vina Bang says that will tremendously help create glucose control and restrict or hinder the intricacies of diabetes. She is an expert in treatment of diabetes.

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