Adding the lighting of unity candles is a famous tradition of Christian weddings. In different places, there are different plans to elaborate this tradition. For instance, a special party is arranged to give highlights to a whole wedding occasion. As there are various steps of the candle ceremony, so preparations are done appropriately.

Hence, you can purchase religious unity candles from Holyart. Moreover, in this article, we will share more details about the candle ceremony that is held at Christian weddings.

Practices For The Lighting Of The Unity Candle On Any Christian Wedding

The major part of the tradition is to brighten up the unity candles. Apart from religious connection, the preparation of this tradition begins several months before the wedding dates.  All of the aspects of the event are carefully considered, while there is no ignorance of the other candle lights because of their symbolic values.

The preparation of this event happens by the selection of windows color, size, and nature. Many times, white color is preferred for this event as it is the symbol of purity, peace, and love. However, the bride and groom have the choice to choose the color according to the theme of their wedding décor.

Another aspect of this preparation is to select the candle stand that can be used during the process. It is important to select the design and color of the candle holder correctly. It should complement other factors of the marriage ceremony.

When To Light The Unity Candle?

In some places, the timing for lighting unity candles in a wedding ceremony is fixed, while in some other places, it may vary. But, the majority of people insist that this ceremony should happen when the bride and groom have exchanged their vows.

The reason is that people believe that during this time, unity has a greater impact on the couple. Besides, this is a universal tradition happening all over the world in Christian weddings, and it is not just limited to any specific place.

The Procedure Of Lighting Of The Unity Candle On Wedding Ceremony

The procedure of this wedding event is quite simple. The minister will ask both the bride and the groom to stand near the candle stand. After that, if the couple desires to talk about this ceremony before lighting the unity candles, the minister will tell them about the significance and origin of lightning of the unity candles during a wedding ceremony.

Such details are majorly given before lighting the unity candles. The minister tells the couple that these two small candles are portraying the bride and the groom’s lives. The bigger candle is used for portraying the married life of the couple that they will begin after exchanging their vows. Then, when they put off the other two small candles, it shows that their separate lives are now merged into single life. And thus, the bigger candle portrays the single journey of the couple.

Winding Up!

After reading the information about the unity candles, we are sure that you have understood the importance of these candles in Christian weddings. If you are getting married in the coming days, you should get the best quality unity candles for your wedding candle ceremony.


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