Whether you are trying to upload a document on google drive, or you want to upload a post on your social media, no matter what you want slow upload speed is really frustrating.

When we brought an Internet provider we check it’s downloading rate and data rate, but we don’t even think about its uploading rate.

We do not realize the importance of uploading rate, until we need to do so.

You do not realize the importance of upload speed, unless you will know that why upload speed matters. Upload speed matters when you have to send big files, make video calls and video conferences, playing online games and last been all these when you have to upload high volume data.

Many people says that upload speed does not matters to them. For them downloading rate is what matters, but for some people uploading rate have the outmost  importance.

Upload speed matters a lot, now a days. We do not realize the importance of uploading speed unless we need to do some heavy work or doing video calling or any shared project. But we do not understand it’s importance. Then we only try to find that why is my Upload Speed so Slow.

If you use normal Internet on daily basis for surfing purposes, and to watch some videos then this upload rate doesn’t matter to you.

The upload speed will matter to people of a certain category and are as follows such as businessman, content creaters, students and gamers.

Well, now your this question is solved. Go on reading to find out why my Upload Speed is so Slow.

9 Reasons of Slow Upload Speed

I am going to share with you some reasons due to which your upload speed may effect. Here, are the following reasons

1. Security Firewall

Your laptop’s or PC’s security fire wall can be a reason of your slow upload speed. If your PC is using a third party firewall system instead of its very own OS firewall system, may be a reason for your slow upload speed.

2. Outdated Modem or Router

You may be unaware of that your modem or router have some faults or errors. This happens with many of us. A Faulty Modem or Router can cause many problems such as slow upload speed.

3. Background Data

Your device may be using background data and you will may be unaware of it. If you have OS system,  then it might be using background data that often causes certain issues.

4. Infected System

Check if your system is infected by malwares  and viruses. These are the programs that are known to decrease your uploading speed and can effect over all performance of your system.

upload speed

5. Companies Restrictions

Keep in Mind,  that if you are facing slow upload speed while work in your company. Company may have check the data limit of every worker. This is often done in most of the companies to restrict the workers from heavy use or to provide even amount of speed to all workers. This is common in most of the companies as it is one of the cost reduction methods.

6. Provider Faults

One of the reason for your slow upload speed is may be due to your service provider fault. Internet outage or downtime is the biggest problems with service providers these days. Also, cable breakdown can effect your upload speed.

7. Outdated System Softwares And Drivers

If your computer or any other devices uses outdated softwares and drivers you may get speed issues. This is because now websites are high end and may not operate well with the systems using outdated softwares and drivers.

8. Too Much Wi-Fi Users

Last been all these,  if you have too many wifi users, so you will be bounded and your upload speed will get slow as well as downloading rate.

9. Symptoms of Slow Upload Speed

There are some signs or you can say that some symptoms that will make you aware of your upload speed is slow.

Common symptoms of Slow Upload Speed are as making video calls, sending email, uploading posts on social media or uploading heavy data. If the process in uploading such things seems to be as slow as a turtle then it clearly means that you have a slow upload speed.

Never check your downloading sped to find out that why they are being uploading so Slow. Remember, the fastest is the downloading speed, the slowest is the uploading speed.


In this article, I have explained to you in detail that why is my Upload Speed so Slow. I have shared with you the reasons for slow upload speed and I have also shared with you some importance of uploading speed.

At last, I have explained you some signs of your slow upload speed. Keep in Mind, that upload speed is as important and it matters as much as the downloading rate. I have also tell you that for whom it matters a lot.


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