Are you in a relationship with a man and have developed feelings for him? Do you feel like he is in love with another woman? Do you feel that he isn’t bestowing the same love back to you despite your consistent efforts? If yes, then there is a clear chance that he loves another woman.

A common fear that both, i.e., men and women experience, is having a person you love falling in love with someone else. Realistically speaking, we have to accept that this does happen as well. More often, the person we love does fall in love with someone else. This is undoubtedly a heart-breaking experience.

First thing first, let me tell you, you are not alone to experience such feelings. Yes, I can understand that it is heartbreaking to know that your man is in love with another woman, but you have to realize that you are not the first person in the world to experience such feelings. This problem plagues plenty of relationships.

The most heart-wrenching statement ever to hear for a girl is, “I am leaving you for her.” Knowing that your favorite person leaves you for someone else is the most heart-breaking experience and is extremely difficult to handle.

Why do Men fall in Love with Other Women?

There can be many reasons why married men fall in love with other women. It may be due to women’s behavior, or sometimes men develop genuine attachment and feelings for other women. To be honest, sometimes it’s challenging to understand why your man has fallen for another woman. But your task is to identify the signs and stop wasting your time on such men.

How to Identify that He Loves Another Woman?

Most of the time, your guy would be in love with another woman, but he won’t let you know. However, there are specific signs which indicate that he loves the other woman. These signs will help you clear all doubts that you have regarding your partner. If your guy shows such signs, there are probable chances that he is in love with another woman.

12 Signs that Your Man Loves Another Woman

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Here we have listed some of the signs that can help you identify that your man is a cheater or not. So, read these signs carefully to find out that is your man in love with another woman or not?

1. He Loses Enthusiasm Around You

If your partner doesn’t seem thrilled around you or doesn’t enjoy spending time around you, he is probably somewhere else then, or he subconsciously wishes he was somewhere else. He lacks enthusiasm around you and wants to escape, but for some reason, he can’t.

His lack of enthusiasm around you indicates that he wished to be with someone else. He is unhappy around you because it’s hard to fake to be with someone you don’t want to be. Furthermore, not all guys are savvy enough to pretend like they are still happy around you when they have someone else in their mind.

So, whenever you get an indication that he wished to be somewhere else instead of being with you, pay attention to that signal. Whenever you are sitting with him or chilling out, he is mostly zoned out and isn’t enjoying your company, indicates that he wishes to be somewhere else.

These signs might indicate that another woman has taken place in his heart, and he is not more with you anymore.

2. He Becomes Defensive Easily

When a man loses interest in you or is hiding something, even the most straightforward questions will pinch him, and he will instinctively rail against them.

You may be asking him things like;

  • What are your plans tonight?
  • Where did you go last week?
  • Why are you late? Where have you been?

You might be asking these questions in general and in a friendly manner, and your purpose is just to start the conversation. So, a man who has nothing to hide will answer such questions openly and honestly.

Contrarily, if someone is hiding something will get fed up with such questions. He will respond aggressively and irritatingly because he knows he is guilty.

3. His Friends Start Distancing from You

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Guys share almost everything with their close friends. So, if your man has started loving someone else, he will have necessarily informed his close friends, and they may start distancing from you as well. They feel guilty about hiding things from you, and they don’t want to break your heart. So, the best thing they can do is distancing themselves from you.

If not distancing, you might see a difference in their behavior, such as avoiding the chats, keeping a low profile, and not talking too much. They cannot interfere in your matter or cannot open up because they are loyal to him. So, all they can do is avoid it.

Their avoidance is an indication that things aren’t going perfectly, and the more the avoidance, the more time is it going to take for the affair to end.

So, you have to identify this sign. Your favorite person is parting ways with you, and his friends know it very well. Pay heed to their behavior, and it will tell you much more than you like to know. I believe that this is the most obvious sign that he loves the other woman, especially if you were in touch with his friends earlier.

4. He Stops Sharing his Life Matters

If your guy is no more interested in you or loves someone else, he will probably stop sharing everything about his life. He won’t feel comfortable in sharing details of his daily working routine or other life goals.

Anything he wants to do, he won’t feel comfortable sharing with you. There are chances that he is discussing his plans with someone else.

If he is not comfortable around you, he is probably not interested in you anymore. So, if your boy has gone from sharing everything with you to avoiding conversations, he is certainly interested in someone else.

5. He Avoids Going with You in Public


If your boy is not interested in you, he will avoid going in public with you. He does not want people to come to know that he is in a relationship. He also fears that the other woman (with whom he is in love) might see him in public, which would create chaos.

So, he would find ways to avoid going out with you in public. If this is happening, then there is a chance that he loves another woman.

6. He is Mostly Using His Phone

Do you feel like that your man is always on his phone? If yes, this might also indicate that he is chatting with her girlfriend, especially if he is not answering calls in front of you. Observe his facial expressions when he is talking with someone. He might get laughing or enthusiastic. If he is enjoying these conversations, then indeed, there is someone from the opposite gender.

If you ask who he is talking to and acts standoffish or avoids answering, this is a vital sign that he is in love with someone else.

7. Your Relationship Lacks a Spark

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When he starts losing interest in you, your relationship will now lack a spark, and the enthusiasm will start dying. The bond won’t remain the same, and your chemistry won’t match your partner’s.

The primary reason is that he is not bestowing back the same love because he has fallen for another girl. So, he does not have the same feelings for you, which he had at the start.

8. He Stops Being Intimate with You

If your spouse is not interested in you anymore, he will stop being intimate with you. He will not be romantic, probably because he is getting his needs fulfilled somewhere else.

Intimacy makes you closer to your spouse and helps develop feelings for each other. Suppose you observe a noticeable drop in his affection towards you or a lack of his desire for being intimate with you.

In that case, there is a good chance that he is getting his need fulfilled somewhere else because it is prevalent for men to feel less attracted to their partners when they start developing feelings for someone else.

9. He Demands Extreme Privacy (Isolation)

Yes, everyone needs privacy, and boundaries are a necessary part of a healthy relationship. But the thing is how much? If he demands privacy all the time and wants to be almost in isolation, then there is certainly something wrong.

Too much privacy is not good in relationships. If your guy is asking for too much, is refusing to spend time with you, and locking himself in the room, he might be trying to hide something from you. So, pay attention to this sign.

10. He Starts Dressing Differently

When your partner gets interested in someone else, he might start dressing differently. Probably he starts wearing dresses that are liked by the person he loves and is in love with another woman.

He might start wearing attractive colors, shave daily, and polish his shoes to look beautiful and attractive. Furthermore, he may also join the gym and lose weight to look smarter and more attractive.

11. He Starts Making Lame Excuses

One thing that men mostly do is start making lame excuses when they want to avoid someone. He won’t provide exact reasons for being late or unavailable, instead of giving excuses that won’t be easy to understand.

He might avoid going for dinner with you with an excuse that he is busy. But you have to be careful in identifying that there is something that is going wrong.

12. He Avoids Eye Contact with You

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A significant characteristic of a liar and a cheater is that he avoids contact with the person he is lying because eyes don’t lie. Eyes speak the truth only. So, your partner will avoid looking into your eyes because he is completely attached to someone else. When you look into her eyes, you will see the lie hidden in them.

Final Words

Cheating in a relationship is becoming common these days. Men get involved in relationships and betray their partners just because they start developing feelings for someone else. This thing is heart-breaking for women, especially when they are in love with their partners.

Men won’t directly let you know that they are involved in another relationship; however, they may leave some signs for women, which might indicate that something wrong is going on.

Pay attention to the signs discussed above to determine if your man is in love with someone else. I guarantee these signs will help you out in finding out if there is something wrong going on.


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