While getting in a relationship, you must remember this thing that your relationship isn’t going to be smooth all the time. You can’t say things are going to be rosy one hundred percent of the time. Even the perfect looking couples have issues and need to work through. After all, noting worth comes easy. Sometimes, even the most perfect looking couples feel that their relationship is over.

There is no doubt in the fact that 2020 has caused a severe disruption in everyone’s life. Starting from minor conflicts to devastating losses and from career issues to questioning your relationship, especially when you are under one roof all day.

These stressful situations can make the most solid relationships come under scrutiny. Hence, if you question your relationship, remember that you are not the only one lost. Almost everyone is struggling to build a stable relationship with their partner.

However, if you fail to build a healthy relationship despite putting sincere efforts, you must sit back and think that what is going wrong. If your actions are being neglected and taken for granted, you must check out your relationship’s bond. Certain hard and fast rules can help you identify when a relationship should end.

13 Alarming Signs that Indicate Your Relationship is Over

Yes, I can understand that deciding to end a relationship might seem quite tricky, but sometimes you have to make these harsh decisions.

The following rules will help you determine if your relationship has reached a point of no return or there is still fuel in it. So, read on to know if your relationship over or not.

1. You are Constantly Fighting with Your Partner


When fighting and conflicts become common in a relationship, it indicates that your relationship is on the verge of breaking. Regular conflicts do not allow you to find common ground and create a sense of connection.

That’s why couples are found fighting most of the time. With time, if these fights are becoming more frequent and intense, they increase the likelihood of breaking your relationship with your partner.

2. Communication Becomes Difficult

Another significant sign that your relationship is on the verge of breaking is that you and your partner aren’t comfortable communicating with each other. Both of you are no longer vulnerable to open up with your partner.

If you cannot share your feelings with your partner, it indicates that you aren’t comfortable with your partner and don’t want to build a deep connection.

Effective Communication is a crucial ingredient of a healthy relationship. When both partners feel comfortable communicating with each other, they build a strong and trustworthy relationship.

3. You Lack Trust

relationship is over

Trust is a crucial ingredient in building a healthy relationship. It sets the foundation of a committed relationship. Once the trust shatters, it is tough to rebuild. It is quite possible that one of you has an affair or isn’t keeping up on their promises; you will end up having trust issues in your relationship.

When you find that you can’t trust the person who is always around you, it becomes challenging to build a meaningful and robust connection. If the partners want to regain the trust, they must focus on finding the root cause of the problem and resolve it to be good friends again. Otherwise, their relationship is at stake.

4. You Aren’t Afraid of Losing Each other.

No matter how hard the conflict is, if the couples lack the fear of losing each other, they are almost emotionally disconnected. Fear of losing your loved one is the building block of a healthy relationship. If you don’t want to lose your partner, you will never indulge in intense conflicts and fights.

Sometimes, creating a bit of distance can help in sorting out the issues. If you and your partner are experiencing never-ending issues, then a meaningful solution is to create a distance and walk away from the situation for some time.

But if you find that things haven’t changed even after creating distances for a longer period, then it means there is something wrong going on. If creating spaces and staying absent from the situation brings about peace, it means your relationship is ending.

5. You don’t want to Spend time together

relationship is over

A Healthy relationship exists when couples want to spend time together. They want to feel each other. But when they experience issues in their relationship, they want to stay away from each other. Most of the time, they avoid being together. That’s all because they lack emotional connection and prefer being somewhere else instead of being with you.

So, if your relationship has reached a point where you avoid spending time with each other, you are probably looking for ways to break your relationship.

6. Intimacy Doesn’t Appeal You

When couples are struggling to build a healthy relationship, physical intimacy can act as a savior and help in regaining the lost emotional connection. Your sexual desire can sway up and down throughout your relationship. It’s not always about sex. When you are having the wrong time in a relationship, even touching your partner makes you feel cringe.

In many instances, it was found that sex served to be the building connection between the spouses when the relationship was about to over.

If you are having a hard time in your relationship, imagine the first time you were intimate with your partner. Pay attention to how your mind speaks and listen to the hidden voices. If you can regain good memories, you are probably attracted to your partner.

In contrast, if even sexual desire isn’t appealing to you and you don’t like being intimate with your partner, this is an alarming sign and indicates that your relationship is at the point of no return.

7. You Avoid Going Home


Problematic relationships can cause people to stay out of their homes for as long as they can. That’s because the partners want to avoid interaction, which would otherwise lead to fights. Despite staying together, if you and your partner are searching for excuses to stay away from each other, it is an indicative sign that your relationship is at stake. This also indicates that your relationship has soured, and you don’t have the guts to face this reality. That’s why you are avoiding staying with your partner and prefer staying outside.

8. You Stop Helping Each Other

A healthy relationship exists when couples take ownership of each other and are willing to help each other, especially in times of distress. They are incredibly supportive and towards each other.

But when things get worse in a relationship, couples lack the interest to help each other. If the couples aren’t ready to sacrifice or do things that make the other feel comfortable, it means your relationship is on the fritz.

9. You aren’t Imagining Future Together

relationship is over

Another key ingredient that helps in building long-lasting relationships is envisioning a shared future. This involves living a healthy life with full cooperation and partnership. When couples can’t imagine the future together, it is an alarming sign indicating that their relationship is coming to an end.

10. You Prefer Career over Your Partner

When couples have conflicts and struggle to build a healthy relationship, they start giving prime importance to all other things and start avoiding their partners. Similarly, you will find most of the people preferring career over their partners.

They are not that much interested in their career; instead, they use it as a shield to avoid their partner. They prefer career over their partner because they lack an emotional connection and want to stay away from their company.

11. You Stop Caring About Your Partner

Relationships require a lot more care and effort. Both the partners have to put sincere efforts into building a meaningful relationship. This can only happen when you take extra care of your loved ones and pay attention to their needs.

Unfortunately, when couples have a terrible time in their relationship, they reach a point where they stop caring. When you find that couples reach a point where they say, we don’t care; it is a red flag.

12. Your relationship is new, but you are having Fights.


Usually, the beginning of a relationship is the most relaxing time. At the start, couples are more supportive, tolerant, patient, and loving. They will tolerate almost everything at the beginning, even though they might be annoying.

But if you are having fights at the start or have severe conflicts taking you nowhere, it means you are in a relationship with the wrong person. Fights at the very beginning of a relationship indicate that your relationship may end very soon.

13. You Don’t Miss them when they are Away

Yes, I agree that space and alone time are essential in a relationship; however, if you don’t miss your partner after an extended period, you are ready to let things go in a relationship. If the absence of your partner does not disturb you, you are ready to end the relationship.

Final Words

Getting into a relationship is easy, but building a strong bond with your partner requires consistent efforts and tolerance. While getting into a relationship, you have to admit this thing that things aren’t going to be smooth all the time. You will experience ups and downs in your relationship.

When you are having a bad time in your relationship, you must put sincere efforts to rebuild your trust and emotional connection with your partner. However, if even after putting in sincere efforts, you are struggling to build a strong relationship with your partner, and you are feeling that your partner isn’t valuing you, it might be indicative of the fact that your relationship is over.


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