Marriage is a graceful bond between you and your loved one. It is a beautiful relationship between a man and a woman. Whenever you are deeply in love with someone, you always think of marrying him/her one day. You dream of spending your remaining life with your partner and fantasize about growing old together. In this article we will explore 10 productive reasons to get married.

Why Are People Against Marriages?

There has always been a debate regarding you should marry or not? For specific reasons, you will find some people are against marriages. They teach young girls and boys that marrying is not suitable for them. According to them, marrying means giving up on your freedom and living a dependent life.

But the wise men and women know that this is not true. They know that marriage is a graceful relationship between two people who love each other. Married life is much better than a bachelor’s life. Their misogynistic friends are just misguiding them.

Marriage is for Strong People

Marriage is not for suckers. It’s for positive, strong, goal-oriented, and enthusiastic people. No matter how much someone is against marriage, deep down, he/she once wanted to get married in life. He/she might have failed to love his/her life and is now preaching that the idea of getting married itself is wrong. But this is not true.

One of my friends was always a “NO Marriage” person, but I tried to convince him. I said, “no matter how many cats, dogs, music, books, and plants you have, at a later stage of life, you always need a person at home to come back to.” There he lost the argument.

Why Are You Getting Married?

reasons to get married

If you are planning to get married, then you have to stop and ask yourself, “Why are you getting married?”

You might feel insulted upon this question being asked, but mark my words, marrying for the right reasons is as important as marrying the right person. If you are marrying for the wrong reasons, you might end up ruining your relationship, and you might be standing in the line of those people who are against marriages.

But you have to realize that it was your fault that you married for the wrong reasons. You can’t blame the entire institution of marriage for a mistake that you committed. So, when you intend to get married, you must be well aware of the reasons for which you want to get married.

Despite all the debates regarding getting married and critics that married individuals face, marriage remains a popular and healthy option. Most individuals consider marriage is necessary and leads to a productive and healthy life. Let’s find out some good reasons for getting married.

10 Productive Reasons to Get Married

Here we have come up with ten best reasons to get married. Stay attached to us until the end.

1. Marriage Makes You Look More Attractive

It is a well-known fact that married men and women are more attractive than unmarried men and women. When you get married, you do a lot of work on yourself so that you look appealing to your spouse. You beautify yourself for your partner. You improve your habits. Getting attention from the opposite sex makes you feel good and boosts your confidence levels.

As a married man, when you will hang out with single men, all hot women will be staring at you.

Don’t’ laugh. Get Married.

2. Married People Are Happier than Single

Several studies suggest that married people are happier as compared to those who don’t marry. The complaints of anxiety, depression, and stress are much less amongst married individuals than non-married individuals.

The bond of marriage provides stability and satisfaction that partners crave for. Realizing that you have someone who cares for you, stands by you, and acts as your protector makes you feel happy and satisfied. That’s how you find contentment in life and live a prosperous life.

3. You Develop Trust in Your Partner

reasons to get married

One of the most important aspects of a happy marriage is that it allows you to trust your partner deeply. Trust is an attractive characteristic that comes with marriage only. You cannot develop the same level of trust with someone to whom you are not married.

When you trust your partner, you support each other, boost each other’s confidence, and have each other’s back. If you have developed a strong relationship with your partner, there are slight chances that he/she will cheat on you. So, you can develop a deeper level of trust in your partner when it comes to marrying.

4. You Resolve Your Conflicts in A Better Way

When you live with your partner, you will undoubtedly have conflicts with them. To enjoy a successful relationship, you should know how to resolve disputes in a better way. With time, you will learn to fight fair, resolve conflicts, and avoid fights despite having severe disagreements with your partner.

Having frequent conversations with your partners will make you patient and help you resolve the conflicts in a better way. That’s how you will be able to sort out your matters in a better way. You will develop a deeper level of understanding, empathy, and respect not only for your partner but for other fellows as well.

5. You are in Love with Your Partner

reasons to get married

Falling in love is quite natural. When you spend quality time with your partner, you will undoubtedly fall in love with him/her. The ideal way to express this love is by marrying the person you love.

It has been rightly said:

“Falling in Love is a disease, and its cure is to marry the one you love.”

Marriage dignifies love. It enhances the sensation of respect and honor for your partner. When a man and a woman love each other, unconditionally, satisfaction, contentment, and joy follow. So, if you love your partner, the best thing to do is marry him/her.

6. Beginning of A New Family

Marriage is the beginning of a new family. This life-long commitment enhances the feelings of togetherness and selflessness as you serve your kids and your wife. It is more than a mere physical union; it is an emotional and spiritual union.

7. Marriage brings About Purity


Marriage is a graceful bond designed for Purity. Every day, we all face temptation nearly from all directions. There is a significant chance that we might fall prey to that temptation and ruin ourselves. That’s where marriage comes into play.

It supports us to defeat temptation by engaging in deep and true love. We give and receive this love from our partners physically, emotionally as well as spiritually. There is nothing else that can bring about more Purity than marriage does.

8. Marriage Allows You to Enjoy the Feelings of Parenting


To be called as parents of your kids is one of life’s greatest blessings. For men, being a father and for women being a mother is their biggest dream. When you become parents, you intend to nourish your kids together.

Parenting is one of the difficult things to do. But with it is associated a lot more fun. Most of the kids being raised at home these days are without a father. The absence of one parent increases mental and behavioral disorders in kids. Also, they are more vulnerable to get involved in criminal activities and substance abuse.

Contrarily, when children are raised by both the parents through efficient parenting techniques, they experience long-lasting benefits and gain a significant reputation in the community. Also, several studies show that women are less stressed about their parental responsibilities when they live with the biological father of the child.

9. You work in a Team with Your Spouse.

Marriage eliminates loneliness from your life. You work effectively as a team with your partner. That’s how you will be able to deal with the challenges in a better way. Marriage allows you to help each other in daily household tasks and earn a livelihood for yourself and your family.

Working in a team enhances the efficiency of your work. Teamwork also enhances the sensation of love and affection with your partner.

You might be aware of the famous saying:

Marriage is not the beginning of the journey, nor the end – it is the journey.

10. Marriage Makes You Make More Money

Men today think that marriage is all about expenditures and financial burden; however, its not true. Instead, marriage is a productive institution. It plays a crucial role in boosting a man’s earning. Getting married significantly increases a man’s earning.

Several surveys suggest that married men make as much as 40 percent more money than single guys. In addition to that, the longer the marriage lasts, the higher the premium he receives.

So, marriage is not all about expenses; instead, it brings about perks as well. Instead of worrying about the expenses, focus on the perks, and you will end up building a healthy relationship.


Marriage is a bond of love and affection between you and your partner. Getting married is the best way to dignify your love with your partner. Expressing your love by signing an official agreement strengthens your relationship with your partner.

God has created this beautiful relationship between a man and a woman so that we can reveal more about HIM and find out how awesome HE is.

We hope this article helped you explore some of the best reasons to get married, and helped you in changing your perspective regarding marriage. Don’t delay in getting married to the person you love otherwise someone else will take him/her. 😊


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