PUBG Mobile developed by Tencent Games is without a doubt the most popular and most played game in the world right now. And… it is easier to understand why. The competitive battlefield, vivid console level, and graphics, customizable features, and of course the satisfaction of a “Chicken Dinner” make it everyone’s favorite, Further, I am also a PUBG Mobile player. And I am from Pakistan, Do you know the best PUBG players in Pakistan.

Obtaining that final victory after so much fighting, hiding, and surviving, is without a doubt the sweetest blessing.

How do you play PUBG mobile game to get a chicken dinner every time?

Do not misunderstand. No one needs to tell you how to play the PUBG Mobile game. You know it pretty well. But have you secured a win every time you play? Do you always have Chicken Dinner in your works? No right?

Look, that’s what we’re here to educate you on. These 5 advanced PUBG Mobile secrets, tips and tricks would definitely play to your advantage and give you an edge over other players.

  1. Strive to survive to the end

Contrary to popular belief, the PUBG Mobile game is not just about fighting and killing. Rather, it is primarily about survival. That means hiding from potential threats and unnecessary fights wouldn’t make you a coward, but it would make you a smart person.

While it may seem proud to stride through dangerous open war zones, it’s smarter to hide from snipers trying to chase you from miles away.

But what are these PUBG Mobile tips and tricks that can help you survive easily?

First of all, don’t even think of sports outfits that are flashy and bright. These clothes would make you stand out. And therefore it would be an easily visible target.

Try to wear clothing that is plain, opaque, dark, and easily “blends in” with the surroundings, like camouflage. Also, try to cover as much of your character’s skin as possible to further reduce the chances of being seen and attacked.

Second, try not to get too excited and don’t jump onto the battlefield right away. It goes unnoticed until all the less experienced players are killed and even some of the best. Wait for the crowd to get shorter.

And lastly, choose the best hiding places whenever you can. Shrubs are my favorite option. There are others like walls, buildings, etc. Just stay safe and hidden, and don’t forget about the narrowing circle.

  1. I prefer to play on an emulator

Emulators are software or code that allow the user to run a full operating system on the other hosting operating system (usually the PC). I prefer to play on an emulator because on Android mobiles we faced a many glitches and lag on mobile phones. If you want to know how to lag fix on android PUBG Mobile.

That means you can emulate your phones on your computers, which makes it much easier to play the PUBG Mobile game. The game has officially taken over the entire space of our mobile phones. So it is always better to have a bigger screen to play with.

The main problem with having the game interface on our phones is that the controls cover most of the screen. It means that you can’t fully enjoy the battlefield experience.

The creators of the game also realized this and therefore released an official PC emulator for the game, called Tencent Gaming Buddy.

Now I would ask how can this be one of the Advanced PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks that would ensure you a definitive victory? Get Easy Chicken Dinner in PUBG Mobile.

In fact, it is quite simple. The bigger the screen, the better control you will have over your game and the better chances you will have to win the game easily.

  1. Close all doors behind you

Whether when we were children or as full-fledged adults, our parents have always scolded us into closing the door once we start to enter the room. And obviously, being the annoying kids that we are, we never do.

Don’t be like that when you play PUBG. Closing the doors can save your life, many times.

You would know that when a new game starts, all the doors to the buildings are closed. This indicates that the building has not yet been raided and still contains all the supplies.

Seeing that, almost all the players start storming the buildings and leaving all the doors open. This leaves them more vulnerable to attack.Get Easy Chicken Dinner in PUBG Mobile

But if you close all the doors in these buildings, you will have two advantages.

First, you will be able to protect yourself from these sudden attacks.

Second, other players would think that the building has not yet been raided and would enter without any preparation to fight. You can then surprise them and go for the kill. You can do it multiple times.

  1. Teamwork on solo games

The team that plays PUBG Mobile together stays together!

It is true all over the world. So why not in Pochinki?

Being in a team or squad can make the difference between a heartbreaking defeat and a chicken dinner.

Even if you don’t have a personal team or a group of friends who play this game, you can still be part of a team. The interactivity you will receive will be the best tool for learning and practicing, especially when you are just starting out. Get Easy Chicken Dinner in PUBG Mobile

Things like being on a team while sweeping the military base, jumping off a tall building causing your teammate to fall to the ground to land on him/her, easily revived by staying close to them, are just a few of the benefits you will receive. .

The biggest drawback that players have when they play as a team is the lack of communication between all team members. This is also related to the lack of coordination in the game. And you can guess what the end result is: NO CHICKEN DINNER.

Try to avoid it and communicate as much as you can to reap the full benefits of team play.

Again, avoid clothing that is puffy or easily noticeable. When you’re in a team, if possible, try to convince everyone to wear camo or something boring and dark.

  1. Manage your inventory

It is a fact that is true in both virtual and real reality, the more luggage you carry with you, the more it will slow you down.Get Easy Chicken Dinner in PUBG Mobile

Remember this: An extra heavy backpack is a bad backpack.

That means you should only carry things and weapons that are absolutely necessary. Invest in good armor (it’s the main difference between instant death and victory) and weapons, and stop carrying lots of cheap and unnecessary ammo and paraphernalia.

For example, you don’t need to carry both the DP-28 and the AKM. They both have the same 7.62mm bullets. It is best to carry weapons that have different bullets, such as AKM and M416. Always have a good mix of weapons, both high-range and low-range. Get Easy Chicken Dinner in PUBG Mobile

If you are confused about prioritizing equipment in your inventory, always prioritize safety equipment, such as helmets and bulletproof vests. This is one of the most important PUBG Mobile Secrets while playing games.

Health kits and power-ups like pain relievers, bandages, first aid kits, and energy drinks should also have top priorities. Please don’t ignore the medications. Always pick up and carry all kinds of medications you can get.

So these were the top 5 PUBG Mobile tips and tricks to always get a win and chicken  for you. Follow them to the T and never worry about losing on the battlefield again. If we missed any of your favorite tricks, let us know in the comments below.


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