Overall 2.4% of women in the USA are underweight. Being underweight is also a dangerous and serious issue like obesity. There are so many reasons for being underweight such as genetics, side effects of such medications or operations, not taking proper amounts of foods etc. when your BMI is less than 18.5, you are underweight.

Being underweight not only gives an impact on your personality but also increases chances of several health issues. For this you have to take healthy and high calorie good foods to gain weight in a healthier way. So in this article we will discuss what the negative impacts of being underweight are.


According to a study it was proven that underweight women have high chances of osteoporosis, for that their bones are getting brittle and prone to break.


Underweight women have a chance of amenorrhea where the person is facing lack of menses, irregular and missed periods and other period dysfunctions. Chronic anovulation is the reason for infertility.

Getting Sick Habitually

If someone no longer gets sufficient electricity from their weight loss plan to preserve a healthy frame weight, they’ll additionally now no longer be getting sufficient vitamins to combat infections.

Thus someone may also get ill extra frequently, and not unusual places illnesses, including a cold, can ultimately last longer than they normally would. Calories are the size of the electricity a specific meal can supply someone. Not getting sufficient energy to preserve a healthy weight could make someone feel fatigued.

Slow Growth:

A person needs nutrients to develop their healthy bones and body growth. But when they do not take in enough calories, they cannot develop their body as expected.

Premature Births:

A pregnant woman who is underweight has a higher chance for premature birth which means she has the child before 37 weeks.


There was a high chance of having blood counts in an underweight person, which is also called anemia. Anemia causes headaches, fatigue and dizziness.

Skin, Teeth and Hair Issues:

When a person did not take in enough calories that mean he/she did not get proper nutrients in their daily diet, they may have some physical symptoms like hair loss, dental issues, dry skin, thinning skin etc.

Increased Chances of Surgical Complications

According to one study, it is proven that underweight persons who had general knee substitute surgical operation have been much more likely to increase infections next the surgical operation than individuals who have been now no longer underweight. Whilst they couldn’t decide the motives for this, they consider underweight human beings aren’t capable of healing wounds in addition to human beings with an everyday BMI.

They additionally observed that underweight institutions had low down preoperative hemoglobin. Whilst greater studies are wanted, the findings recommend that being too thin can have an effect on your capacity to heal wounds.

Another take a look at observed accelerated headaches in underweight individuals who had general hip substitution surgical operation in comparison with human beings of everyday weight. Complications for the next coronary pass surgical operation plus lung transplants additionally appear to be better for individuals who are underweight.

Weak Immune System

According to a recent study it was proven that there was a strong connection between being underweight and increased infections. Your immune function is getting weak from being underweight. For instance, malnourishment can decrease the immune system and cause people to be underweight.


There are also several negative impacts of being underweight. If you don’t want to face these issues, contact your doctor and get their suggestions. You can also follow a healthy diet plan full of nutrients and do some regular workouts and must avoid junk foods.

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