Kedarkantha Trek Trek is a perfect winter trek for snow lovers, this six days trek has its base camp in Sankri village which is 78 hours drive from Dehradun. And this wonderful trek offers an amazing hiking experience. trekrs with a path through rich forests, snowy trails, green meadows and some beautiful views.

KedarKantha Peak is located in Govind National Park in Western Garhwal, surrounded by a series of picturesque river valleys that are snow-capped mountains, remote small towns with rich flora and fauna. It’s one of the easiest treks in the Himalayas to experience snowpack.

The winter snow sets in here in mid-December and lasts until mid-April. The snow will cross after crossing the 10,000 foot elevation and the campsites on this trek add to the glorious beauty.

The trek from the base camp of the Kedarkantha trek (Sankri Village) is one of the most scenic and scenic drives in the Himalayas; you will pass through Mussoorie, Naugaon, Purola, Mori and Naitwar. Snow-covered paths and meadows give you a perfect view of the Himalayan crown.

Quiet and relaxing streams with peaceful lakes will harshly treat your trekking fatigue and make you feel like you are on your mother’s lap. If you can ski, that’s even better, it will help you see the paradisiacal landscape from a good height, the rich forests weeping from the snow will give you a pleasant experience and soothe your eyes, the humility of the people of the Region will impress you completely.

How to Reach?

By Road:

Dehradun is well connected to the major cities in the north by motorable roads. There are several bus connections from Delhi to Dehradun. Depending on your needs, you can opt for Semi-Deluxe, Deluxe and AC Volvo. In addition, Dehradun is regularly connected by buses to Delhi from Kashmere Gate ISBT. Road buses take 10 hours to reach Sankri, and most of the direct connections from Dehradun early in the morning. 

By Rail:

Dehradun Railway Station It is well connected to various major cities in. connected to India like Delhi, Lucknow and Kolkata etc. The train constancy to Dehradun is little high as it is the gateway to the Garhwal region from Uttarakhand.

By Air:

Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun has daily connections to New Delhi and other major cities in India.

Some facts

  • Start and End Point of the Trek: Sankri village.
  • Duration of the trek: 6 days and 5 nights.
  • Kedarkantha Trek Distance: 20 km.
  • Trek Height: 12,500 ft.
  • Kedarkantha Difficulty Level: Moderate.
  • Temperature: Day (8°C to 15°C) and Night: (-5°C to 3°C).

Things to carry

  • Head torch (Mandatory Item)
  • Walking stick (Mandatory Item)
  • Back pack (50-60l) (Mandatory Item)
  • Hiking shoes (Mandatory Item)
  • Rain cover
  • Warm clothes
  • Day pack (20-30l)
  • Water bottle
  • Extra pair of socks
  • Fleece jackets and thermals
  • Thermal inners
  • Woollen cap, socks, mittens & scarf

Best time to visit

Many treks are not accessible in winter due to the heavy snowfall. Kedarkantha trek on the other hand has just the perfect amount of snow to make it to the top at elevated 12,000 feet and making it the best winter adventure in the winter season.

You can experience snowfall from mid-December. The best time to visit this place is until March, in the middle of winter, from December to April, although you can visit any month of the year you have to see winter with the snow which makes it a wonderland. like Judah ka Talab and Hargaon for camping and enjoying the snow.

Level of Difficulty

Kedarkantha Trek is a 25 km trail that goes up from 6,400 feet to 12,500 feet and is one of the easiest treks in Uttarakhand. It’s a challenging trek that is perfect for beginners looking to explore hiking in the Himalayas.

The short trek can be done slowly. , captures the moments and makes it even more divine. Once at the top and seeing the other peaks at eye level, there is a sense of humility that is very satisfying after the summit.

Places to visit

  • Dehradun to Sankri | Route to the Himalayan Paradise. 
  • Sankri according to Judah Ka Talab | Where Lord Shiva once came to meditate. 
  • Judah Ka Talab to Base Camp | Prepare your cameras. 
  • Base camp to the Kedar Kantha summit | The day you worked hard. 
  • Base camp to Sankri | Descent with the mighty mountains. 
  • Sankri – Dehradun | Farewell to the Lofty Peaks.
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