To bring back intimacy in your marriage, extend the time that you spend with your partner. Emotional intimacy is a vital element of a healthy relationship. You need to work on your relationship to foster emotional attachment with your spouse. Rekindling emotional intimacy is harder than reserving it along the way.

Now that we talked about emotional intimacy, it is imperative to get familiarized with the term.

What do you Mean by Emotional Intimacy?

Emotional intimacy is the attachment that makes the spouses feel secured and loved. Communication and trust form the basis of emotional intimacy. When you become emotionally intimate with your partner, you can look into one another’s soul, feel each other’s pain and happiness and love them deeply.

Experts at matrimonial websites India say that intimacy between two partners is essential and worth the effort. Taking measures to deepen emotional intimacy proves your commitment to a lifelong, healthy relationship.

Partners often seek help from relationship experts complaining that they don’t lack intimacy or don’t receive the love and care that they used to. One of the things that these couples have in common is the lack of communication or time spent together. It is obvious that these couples indulge in conflict with one another

Conflict makes it hard for a person to spend passionate moments with his or her spouse as they fail to appreciate the positives in their partner. This causes people to misinterpret things and they get motivated to hurt one another.

Negative feelings about a person or relationship cause you to avoid one another. None wants to expose oneself to a person that hurts your feelings in some way or the other.

Couples who aren’t involved in struggles experience a lack of connection and become emotionally detached from one another. They come up with excuses like lack of time, and simply being busy with their daily activities.

Marriage consultants at royal matrimonial sites say that to bring back intimacy in your marriage relations you should take out time for your partner, however busy you’re.

Consultant at matrimonial agency shares some of the tricks to bring spark in your relationship back.

How to Rekindle Intimacy in a Relationship

  • When you are lovestruck, you will find that there is excitement and fun. As the relationship matures, one needs to give importance to connection and intimacy. Even if The feelings fade away, it doesn’t mean that it is the end of the world. Like your career, relationships also go through ups and downs. In most cases, it becomes impossible to sustain the initial feelings. Once this concept becomes, the pressure to fall in deep love will erode itself.
  • You can’t expect the same feeling to last forever. However, you can visit the places where it started. Marriage advocates at matrimony sites recommend you to go down memory lane. Visiting places where you shared great memories contemporaneously would help to realize that you find each other interesting as you did before.


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