Most of the wives these days complain that my husband makes me feel bad about myself. TBH their claims are true. Husbands usually pass negative comments about their wives, which is not a good habit.

Husbands don’t appreciate the efforts their wives put for them. It’s not only limited to appreciating, but many ill-mannered husbands pass negative comments regarding their wives’ appearance. They shatter her confidence, make them feel bad and worthless. Such foul attitude has to be discouraged.

Such women need instant help and need to be encouraged and appreciated for the efforts they have put into staying with their partners. At the same time, husbands should be disregarded for showing this discouraging attitude towards their wives.

Drawbacks of Making Your Wife Feel Bad

Foul attitude toward the wives is the leading cause of failure in relationships these days. Men involved in cheating, physical abuse and discouraging attitude mostly ruin their relationships. Resultantly, both partners have to suffer.

Even if the relationship does not end, it gets weak because of the husbands’ discouraging attitude. When he stops appreciating his wife, the strength of the bond of marriage gets compromised.

Here, in this article, we will discuss some of the reasons due to which marriages fail. We will majorly focus on the mistakes that husbands commit to making their wives feel worthless. We will also focus on providing solutions for the girls on what they should do if their husbands make them feel bad about themselves. So, get yourself a cup of tea as you will have to stay with us until the end.

How Does A Husband Make Her Wife Feel Bad?

my husband makes me feel bad

Let’s dive into the discussion further and discover how a husband makes his wife feel bad and worthless.

There can be many different methods by which partners make each other feel worthless and undervalued. Here we will discuss some of the daily life things that eat-away the marriage’s success and eventually lead to divorce. In particular, we will talk about how husbands make their wives feel worthless and undervalued, and why should they change their discouraging attitude.

Some of the apparent things through which husbands undervalue their spouses include:

  • Neglecting her feelings
  • Not listening to her.
  • Not valuing her opinion.
  • Putting her down
  • Not understanding the importance of the relationship
  • Being abusive

And some others.

Having read the list, you might have understood that even good husbands often make these mistakes and undervalue their wives. So, husbands have to be more responsible for understanding their spouses’ feelings and show more professionalism in building this relationship.

My Husband Makes Me Feel Bad Through his WORDS

The most obvious way the husbands hurt their wives’ feelings is through their words. You might have heard the famous saying:

“Words are powerful. They can create or they can destroy. So, choose your words wisely”.

Harsh words and statements cause more damage than the wounds caused by a stick. Irresponsible husbands make their wives feel bad using harsh words that kill their self-esteem and destroy their courage.


Words have power. You can either use them to spread love or hatred. Words can either lift someone or break someone down.

Some of the statements that most husbands pass on to their wives and end up hurting their feelings include:

  • You are fat
  • You are an idiot
  • This dress isn’t looking good on you.
  • You are hysterical
  • You have no dressing sense
  • Your behavior is not good
  • You don’t cook delicious food
  • I’ll leave you if…
  • You are not as beautiful/intelligent as….
  • You don’t do anything.

These and other such statements hurt the feelings of your wives.

Here I would like to mention that it’s not only for husbands, but rather wives should also avoid passing such statements about their husbands. These statements will hurt anyone’s feelings irrespective of gender.

Even if a particular dis-quality exists in your spouse, you should not pass direct statements. There is a way to talk. Talk politely without hurting your partner’s feelings. Don’t criticize; instead, make him/her realize that you are saying it for his/her betterment. That way, you won’t end up hurting your spouse’s feelings.

My Husband Makes Me Feel Bad Through By his ACTIONS

Many husbands make their wives feel bad through their actions. For example, a husband might start ignoring her wife, stop communication, or stop paying attention to her needs. This attitude hurts the feelings of your wife.

Some of the common ways of making your wife feel bad through your actions are:

  • You are not spending quality time with your wife.
  • Not paying attention or importance to her feelings.
  • Spending more time with your friends and ignoring your wife
  • Rejecting your wife’s fundamental rights
  • Not fulfilling her needs such as attention, touch, or cuddle.
  • Not being intimate with her.
  • Investing too much time on work and giving less importance to the marriage and family
  • Not taking care of her when she is sick.

my husband makes me feel bad

These habits are destructive and play an adverse role in ruining the bond of marriage. Husbands have to think over and need to change their habits. They have to be mature and stop making their wives feel bad about themselves. There is no room to make your wife feel bad—neither through your words nor through your actions.

After all, she is your soul partner, she is the love of your life. She is doing too much for you.  She wants to stay with you, and you are being immature and hurting her feelings consistently. Please stop doing this and show more professionalism.

Why Should A Husband Appreciate His Wife?

As a husband, if you want to build a successful relationship with your spouse, you must treat her the way you wish to be treated by her.

How would you feel if your wife discourages your efforts? What would be your feelings if she consistently discourages you? How would you feel if she passes comments on your physical appearance? Of course, you will feel hurt.

The same thing goes for her too. She has feelings too. She gets hurt as well.  Whenever you pass negative comments on her body, regarding her appearance, she feels bad about her. You are directly shattering her confidence, which is not good at all.

Do you know what happens as a result of this? Your wife starts disrespecting you. You lose your respect when you pass negative comments and make her feel bad again and again. So, it’s never good to make your wife feel bad. Instead, you have to understand that she is the love of your life. She has left her home to live with you.

Who else will appreciate her if you won’t? For whom is she working all day long in the house? Of course, for you and your kids. Doesn’t she deserve appreciation? She does.

Why Should Women Be Taken Care of by Husbands?

good husband

The success of any relationship depends on the happiness of the individuals. If a woman is happy, she will keep her husband happy. Usually, husbands ignore the efforts that a wife puts into building a successful relationship.

Also, unhappy marriages are devastating for women. Studies show that women who are not appreciated by their partners and are trapped in bad marriages experience depression, gain weight, and get caught into other harmful diseases.

So, as a woman, if you are trapped with the wrong guy and are unhappy with your relationship, you have to work on this issue before it gets detrimental to your health.

As a woman, if you feel undervalued, disrespected, and uncared for in a marriage, it causes more and more problems, which may even lead to divorce. Hence, these problems have to be carefully catered to.

What Should I Do When My Husband Makes Me Feel Bad About Myself?

Many wives complain about the irresponsive and immature nature of their husbands. They complain that their husbands never appreciate them and keep on irritating them even though they are putting sincere efforts to build a successful relationship.

Well, apart from the husbands’ poor behavior, wives have to check on a few things as well.

  • Treat Your Husbands in the Best Possible Manner

Yes, I know most of you would be doing this. You would be treating your husbands in the best possible manner. But all I mean is that sit back and check, is there anything wrong I am doing? Am I mistaken at any point? Has my attitude forced him to change? If yes, then work on improving yourself first. If not, then continue reading.

  • Talk to your Husband


Sit with your spouse and make him realize that he has hurt you in several ways and at several different locations. Tell him that he made you feel bad and worthless. Be polite and make him realize his mistake.

Tell him that he is important to you, but his certain words and actions are consistently creating problems for you. Tell him that he has to change his behavior and stop making you feel worthless.

  • Involve Some Family Members

If even after your communication, he does not change his nasty attitude, you should now involve family members from each side.  Maybe one from your husband’s side and one from your side. Put the issue in front of them and inform them he makes me feel bad about myself. Hopefully, they will devise a meaningful solution.

  • Get Counseling

If the issue does not get resolved even after trying everything, get in touch with a marriage counselor. State the case in front of him. He might devise a meaningful solution to your problem.

Final Words

When it comes to building a successful marriage, both the spouses have to be mature and responsible. Husbands, in particular, have to change their attitude towards their wives. They should stop making them feel bad about themselves. Wives deserve to be appreciated and valued for the efforts they put into their loved ones.

As a wife, if you are unappreciated, undervalued, or worthless, and if you feel that my husband makes me feel bad, you need to talk to your husband and ask him to change his attitude. If he does, it’s great.

If you feel that he will not change his attitude in anyways, you can consider parting ways with him. Because it has been rightly said:

“It’s better to end the relationship and cry once then being with them and crying daily.”


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