We are living in the digital world; there are hundreds of applications on the internet that we can use in our daily life for our convenience. Image editing is one of the most operating processes that we use to refine our image quality. Here in this article, we will share with you some methods to remove noise from image.

The process in which we remove the noise from the signal is called noise removing. You can remove the noise from audio and image files with the help of this process.

Sometimes we capture images that have some noise, or this image is not suitable for uploading on the social media platforms, so we need some way to remove the noise.

Types of Digital Noise

In the image, there are two possible types of digital noise the one is color noise, and the second one is luminance noise. The easy to distinguish between the color and luminance noise is that when you zoom out the picture and cannot identify the image, it is the color noise, and if you see the white, black dots, it means that luminance noise.

Reducing the Noise in Photoshop

Photoshop is one of the best and well-known graphics software used to perform various actions, like reducing the noise from the image, making images beautiful and colorful, and many more. Here are some steps that you can follow.

The first step is to select the reduced noise filter from Photoshop, and you can access this filter in the filter box. Here different types and options are available to reduce noise from the images. Now you have to select the slider to reduce color noise; now, drag this slider slowly to the right until the noise blends as much as possible.

You can also see the actual version of your image by clicking and holding on to the preview area; in this, you can check how your process is going and how much you need to remove the more noise.

Remove Noise by Linear Filtering

It is another method to remove the noise from the images, so you can use linear filtering to remove certain types of noises from your pictures.

Remove Noise Using an Averaging Filter and a Median Filter

You can remove the pepper and the salt noise from an image with the help of an average filter and median filter. Both of these filters set the pixels value of the output to the pixels value in the neighborhood of the input pixels. You can also determine the value of the output pixels by the median of the neighborhood pixels. The median is considered the less sensitive as compared to the mean to extreme values.

The median filter is better and can remove the outliers without reducing the sharpness of the images.

Paint Shop Pro

There are also many other applications, software’s and editing tools that you can use to remove the noise from the images. One of them is a paint shop pro that you can install on your PC and easily remove noise from your photos with anyone else help.

When you this application, you have to select the adjust button and open the AI denoise option. You can also access these features from the photography workspace. Now choose the automatic scratch removal button, select the scratch types like the dark scratches and remove the light scratch. Adjust the local contrast; select the upper or lower controls to adjust the difference between the scratch and its background. Now you have to set the strength level of removing the scratch and noise from the image. There are three options to select, like mild regular and aggressive.


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