In this new episode of our articles dedicated to YouTube we see what needs to be done once you press the “REC” button on the video camera. Even if you are not (yet) an expert director, you can make funny and well-made videos following some precise indications.

The first video is a decisive step in the YouTuber’s career: once that is accomplished, everything will seem simpler since the inevitable mistakes will help you improve from time to time. Here are some tips to make your “first work” on the web better,

Check the equipment:

Like any high activity, we have said it many times, you need to have a little organization, especially when making the first video. So the first thing to do is to check the equipment. Once you have decided when and where to shoot and summoned the protagonists, everything must be in order, everything must work.

The video camera must be ready to record, the batteries must be charged, the memory card must have enough space for shooting, possibly there must also be a microphone, a tripod and at least one support light. Before starting, prepare a simple list and tick each item to make sure you don’t forget anything. And don’t forget audio converter. It’s very important!

What the director does:

Even if you do everything yourself and you are the only protagonist of the video, you will not be able to do without the role of director. Your task essentially concerns three aspects: directing the actors, coordinating the technical staff (the friends who will give you a hand with the lights, with the scenography, etc.), choosing the shots.

Direct the actors:

You have to consider the actors as useful “tools” to create the scene you have in mind. Here only your word really matters, even if good actors always add something personal and irreplaceable to the director’s work. There is only one critical point: acting.

Obviously at the beginning the actors of your movie will be your friends and relatives, so not all of them will be technically prepared. Then you will have to choose the people who seem more predisposed to you and explain well what you want. With a little testing and a little patience you will get a good result.

The other important element is motivation. The director is also a bit of a coach who knows how to work with the actor, who encourages him to give his best. You need to make sure that your actors are happy to work with you. If you are the protagonist of your videos and you are also the director, try to be objective and give yourself a vote. Nobody is ever perfect the first time, but you can always improve by studying and observing those who do the same things in an excellent way.

Direct the technical cast:

It also takes a little talent to manage all the helpers, those who remain behind the camera but who are essential for the success of your video. Again, you need to have clear ideas and transfer them to the “collaborators”. Especially at the beginning it is likely that you will do many things alone, but you will certainly ask for help from your friends or parents and then everyone will have to do exactly what you asked for.

Here are just two simple tips: be nice and have a lot of patience.

Choose the frames:

The definition of framing is very simple: it is the portion of space framed by the camera lens. All that remains out of the frame is therefore considered “off the pitch”.

The shot takes a specific moment of a scene in a given space, the set of multiple shots make up a scene. Close-ups, details, details, etc., are in fact the way in which the director “interprets and sees” his film, it is here that he expresses all his creativity. It is a bit like when a writer chooses the words to use to write his novel. Here you have total freedom, there are no fixed rules, the important thing is to tell something consistently, that is, that it is understandable to those who will watch your masterpiece.


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