The profession of a programmer is one of the most prosperous in the market. The demand for programmers is huge these days, and new opportunities arise every day for those who want to become JS programmers. What exactly is a programmer and what does he or she do? This article will help you discover everything you need to know about a Javascript Developer.

Who is A Programmer?

A programmer is a person who creates code for computer programs, mobile and desktop applications. Sometimes knowing the basics of a programming language and a willingness to learn more is enough to get a good, satisfying job.

How to Learn JavaScript?

Fortunately, a degree in computer science is no longer a prerequisite to become a programmer and learn JavaScript. Only a few corporations still do not hire employees without a relevant degree. JavaScript is one of the most complex programming languages, which has become very popular over the past few years.

Although JavaScript is seen as an easy language to learn, you still need to master the basics of software engineering in order to find your first paid job. To earn well in this profession, you need to learn paradigms, e.g. object-oriented programming, design patterns, application stratification, algorithms, etc.

A JavaScript programmer should first of all know the capabilities and limitations of the language they are using. The number of hours we devote to learning this language depends on our individual predispositions and the way we learn.

The most important thing is constant practice. So if you want to become a JavaScript developer, start developing your frontend skills right away.

What Characterizes the JavaScript Language?

According to LinkedIn, there are currently 190,000 JavaScript-related job openings worldwide. Companies are trying to attract developers with high salaries and great working conditions.

All your favorite sites such as Facebook, Google, Amazon and YouTube need and are hiring frontend JavaScript developers.

JavaScript can also be used on the backend side. But JavaScript is all about dynamics . For example, respond to a user click, retrieve data from the server, update the page dynamically.

This is crucial when it comes to user experience and user interface, JavaScript makes your website much more flexible and easy to use.

JavaScript is a multi-paradigm language – you can program in it object-oriented, function-oriented and imperative. It has an API adapted for working with texts, dates or regular expressions.


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