Patience can be classified into two different types. Firstly, you have to be patient in finding the right person to fall in love with. Secondly, you have to be patient with the person you fell in love with. Be it the first or second type of patience; both have to be acquired by each lover necessarily. Let’s find out why there is a need to be patient in a relationship and how you can be patient with a guy.

Why There is a Need to Be Patient in A Relationship?

Patience is among the essential characteristics that every lover must strive to develop to succeed in his/her relationship. If you have this characteristic, you can take your relationship to the heights of glory, and if you lack this beautiful virtue, your relationship might not last for even a few months.

Yes, expressing love is important, but it’s not all about love. Instead, when it comes to building a successful relationship, patience plays a vital role in dignifying the relationship. If you are not patient, you may end up ruining your relationship, despite expressing and receiving a lot more love. Hence, only being in love is not enough; instead, you have to be patient to strengthen your relationship and make it work in the longer run.

Why Are People Facing Hard Times in Their Relationships? 

Mastering patience in a relationship is never easy. It requires a lot more strength and determination. But when practiced, patience does a lot of wonders.

Unfortunately, most lovers lack this beautiful characteristic these days. That’s why most of them face hard times and are struggling to build a successful relationship. To strengthen your relationship; you have to be much more patient than you are now. Especially if you want to keep your guy or want to hold on with the same girl, then start practicing patience because you will have to face hardships.

Having realized the importance of being patient, you might be wondering how I can be more patient with my guy? How can I develop those characteristics which will make him stay with me? What characteristics do I need to develop so that I can be more patient with a guy?

Worry, no more. We are here to help you out in this regard. Here we have listed some of the best characteristics you can adopt to be patient with your partner. These characteristics are not for women, particularly; rather, any lover who embraces these characteristics can be successful in his/her relationship.

9 Tips to be Patient with Your Partner

So, let’s get started exploring some of the best characteristics that you must follow when your partner/spouse provokes or disturbs you.

1. Know Your Partner/Spouse as A Person

When building a relationship, the most important thing to do is knowing your partner as a person. Know about his habits, likes and dislikes, his character, his behavior, and all such things. After knowing his characteristics, you will be able to deal with him in a better way.

You will not provoke or annoy him, and that’s how he won’t get frustrated either. If you do not know him as a person, then you might hurt his feelings even when you don’t intend to do so. That’s because of the lack of knowledge regarding the liking and disliking of your partner. So, get to know him as a person and try not to provoke his feelings.

2. Allow Your Partner to Know You Too

be patient with a guy

We all know that relationship is a two-way process. So, to be successful, both the partners have to put in consistent and untiring efforts. When it comes to knowing your partner, it’s not about the fact to know him only; instead, you must give your partner the time so that he can know you as well.

Don’t panic. Things might seem to be going wrong at the start. That’s because you both don’t know each other. Even if he is provoking you or disturbing your feelings, that’s because he does not know you. Give him time. Tell him about your habits, your likes, and dislikes. That’s how he will understand you in a better way, and he won’t be provoking your feelings.

3. Accept His Flaws

No one is perfect in this world. Every individual has some shortcomings and some flaws. Of course, your partners will have flaws too. So, when you love your partner, you must accept these flaws wholeheartedly.

These flaws will diminish with time. Don’t rush. Don’t try to change him abruptly. Things do take time. Don’t expect that he isn’t perfect for you. You have to realize that your partner has limitations, and you cannot push them beyond them. Try to look at his areas of opportunity and turn them into his strengths. Resultantly, his flaws will diminish automatically.

4. Communicate

be patient with a guy

Undoubtedly, communication is key when it comes to building healthy relationships. It helps you to become more patient with your partners. Whenever you conceive an issue, sit with your partner and communicate to solve it out. Spare some time to discuss all those matters that are important to you.

Lay the issues down and take the opinions of your partner on the matter. You may disagree but do it professionally and politely. Come up with valid arguments. Don’t be rude, and never allow your tone to be harsh. Instead, disagree reasonably.

That’s how your partner will not only respect you but will also be careful in the future while giving his opinion.

5. Compromise

When it comes to building a relationship, not everything happens according to your desires. There are many situations in which you have to compromise. Most of the time, things are happening against your nature and willing, but you have to learn the art of compromising.

The idea behind compromising is retaining your partner. Compromising comes through patience. If you aren’t patient, you can’t compromise. Whenever you feel things are going against your choices, politely talk to your partner.

Explain to him everything in a professional way. This way, you may not always be happy, but at least you won’t have brutal fights with your partner. It’s not only you, but your partner is also compromising in many situations. So, don’t panic and learn to compromise on matters that are not as per your willingness.

6. Be a Good Listener


Explaining your partner’s problems is very easy, but understanding his/her issues and listening to him/her is very difficult. You have to be a good listener. As you expect that your partner listens to your problems in a similar manner, your partner wants that you should listen to him as well. It has been rightly said that:

Every Listener Needs a Listener Too.

Listening does not only mean listening to what your partner is saying; instead, it means understanding what your partner is saying and giving importance to their feelings.

It’s not about agreeing with them every time; instead, it means giving respect to their choices and opinions.

7. Spare Quality Time for Your Partner Daily

be patient with a guy

No matter how busy you are, it is your responsibility to spare time for your partner daily. Maybe it’s worth 30 minutes, but it should be free of any disturbance and should be solely allotted to your partner.

Sit with them, discuss your day, and share your experiences. You can also go for a walk with your partner. Spending quality time with him/her can strengthen the relationship as it will help your partner realize that you are essential for him/her.

8. Lower Your Expectations

Another important thing to do to be patient with a guy is to expect less. The more the expectations, the more you get hurt. When you expect too much from your guy, you get upset very early. Do not keep high expectations of people, no matter how close they are to you. Expectations bring about dismay.

Most of the time, we expect too much from our partners that we end up ruining ourselves. For example, you might expect that your partner will always be kind and respectful to you. But when you live together, uncertain things happen. Your partner might sometimes be disrespectful. So be patient with your guy and listen to him carefully.

A Simple rule is, do everything with a good heart and expect nothing in return. You will never be disappointed.

9. Pray


The best gift you can give to your partners is sincere prayers. God is with those who are patient. If you are patient and want to strengthen your relationship with your partner, pray to your God.

Sincere prayers bring about positive results. God will listen to your cries. HE continues to shower blessings even on those who disobey HIM. Why won’t HE listen to you? So, pray for your partner and your relationship. That’s an ideal way to get your partner back and stay patient with him/her.

Final Words

It has been rightly said that

Falling in Love is Easy but staying in Love is Hard.

It requires a lot more effort, sincerity, and continuous struggle. It’s not about expressing love only. Instead, you have to be patient with your partner. You have to show patience to stay with him/her. Patience can do wonders. It can strengthen your relationship and build emotions of harmony and togetherness.

We hope this advice will help you strengthen your relationships with your partners, and you will observe a positive change in your relationship if you adopt these characteristics. So, if you want to be patient with a guy, never ignore the above-mentioned suggestions.


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