The inspiring story of Joseph Ross, PMP a man dedicated and passionate enough to chase his dreams while taking care of his family simultaneously, even after 5-11 hours of work shifts. In difficult times of the Corona pandemic when people were stuck and bound to stay at home, Mr. Joseph Ross was working in the medical device field and was a part of the team that made the world’s first rapid test for the noble covid-19 virus.

This accomplishment was acknowledged and led towards the opportunity to work in the biotech/pharma field at Moderna, famed for its ‘Information medicine’ for COVID-19 vaccine. Getting to this level of achievement didn’t happen overnight; it required struggle, hard work, and passion for acquiring education.

Early Life

Mr. Joseph Ross from a humble beginning was born in Massachusetts, USA. During his teenage, he got paralyzed from the left side and assumed that he wouldn’t be able to use his left arm or leg. But God helped him, and he got recovered. Later, he got a job managing the warehouse for very little money

Urge to acquire higher education

The job is never enough when you are willing to achieve something in life and wish to deliver to your loved ones. Joseph wanted the same. Consequently, he decided to work harder, acquire more knowledge, begin the day as soon as the sun popped up and continue his work until late at night as he believed that hard work and consistency beat talent. He started attending conferences, spent sleepless nights taking classes, and had no vacation days.

Joseph’s goal was to learn everything he could with each job. Mr. Ross worked in three different industries before entering Moderna: residential construction, natural gas/energy, and medical devices. He spent a lot of time learning about these industries and gaining experience in operations, quality, and logistics. Along with this, he was successful in leading teams and divisions of cross-cultural people.

Leading operator qualification (OQ) to cope with gas explosions and help victims to become the unsung hero of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In 2018 when in the natural gas industry, an unfortunate incident of Gas explosion occurred in Massachusetts. There were many casualties, and thousands of people were left homeless. Joseph was the leader of Operator qualification (OQ) of the emergency response and reconstruction team responsible for helping victims and rebuilding the cities affected by the tragedy.

Finally, when the situation was under control, authorities acknowledged the efforts and dedication and invited Mr. Joseph to several statehouses to speak about the incident. This work was the beginning of the success of his career.

After this, Joseph started working in the medical device field during the Covid pandemic when everyone was strictly instructed to stay at home. The whole world was unprepared for this, but when war is literally at your doorstep, you have to decide whether to focus on your survival or serve the greater good. Mr. Joseph continued his work and was an active member of the team that made the world’s first rapid test on earth for the famous COVID-19.

After going through many struggles with quality testing, manufacturing issues, and even working 24 hours, this achievement was accomplished.

In the fabrication of tests, the work was divided into teams, with 2 shifts working 12 hour days Joseph was promoted to help oversee the manufacturing, Quality Control Testing, and Batch Record Reviews for the millions of tests being manufactured and shipped out every week.

Finally, efforts resulted in a huge success. The rapid test was appreciated, recognized and Joseph was able to make his way to work in the Biotech/ Pharma field Moderna an information medicine company providing vaccines for Covid-19.


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