The choice of a professional translation services company can be a challenging and strenuous process, especially now, in the Internet era that abounds in endless possibilities and allows you to reach out to virtually any provider in the world.

Fortunately, there are certain criteria that can facilitate the task.

1. Speed and pricing

A quality translation company offers instant quotes and pricing that can be tailored to individual needs. It’s natural that different circumstances require different translations. If you need help with comprehending a foregin language document, it doesn’t need to be reviewed by an editor or proofread by two different specialists. Such an approach enables minimizing costs while delivering translations that still serve their purpose and are good value for money. If a potential translation service provider responds quickly and remains flexible, you can treat it as a good omen.

2. Confidentiality

Translation of documents with important business or personal information requires confidentiality. Thanks to it, you can sleep soundly knowing that your personal data or your company expansion plans are safe and won’t be published without your consent. A professional translation company shouldn’t have anything against adding a relevant provision to the contract.

3. Localization

Word-for-word translation may not be enough to succeed or communicate effectively with foreign recipients and business partners. To ensure that your source document conveys a relevant message in the target language, ask the company if it offers localization services. In a nutshell, it means that texts are adapted to a specific market, culture and legal system. Content localization is an intrinsic part of professional translation.

4. Legal translation

A quality translation company cooperates with certified specialists that have a profound knowledge of both the source and the target language. Thanks to experience, translators comprehend legal systems, cultural discrepancies and requirements of a given country. If a translation agency states that it’s not qualified enough to prepare a legal translation, it might be a sign that you should search for someone with greater expertise.

5. Technology

Professional translation companies aren’t afraid of new technologies and machine translation. Instead, they realize that comprehensive solutions such as client dashboards, translation memories and glossaries streamline work. Mention these elements during initial talks to see how much the company has to offer.

The abundance of translation companies doesn’t make it any easier to select a specialist service provider. Hopefully, paying attention to the abovementioned aspects will help you make an informed decision.


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