What’s the most obvious reaction on hearing the word CVS? Well, CVS, a renowned chain of pharmacies has been changing the overall scenario of the United States, in terms of serving the esteemed citizens with their ever-changing needs in every nook and corner. It is spread in over 6,200 locations across 42 states.

A lot of planning has gone into carefully choosing the locations which are accessible and have far greater exposure amongst the masses. Many stores are open on weekends while few are even open round the clock as well. Thus, the stores offer quite an awesome, friendly and obvious choice for the people to purchase stamps.

So, the Answer to the Query Does CVS Sell Stamps?

Are you looking for answer to your query does CVS sell stamps? Yes, it does. The price of stamps in all the stores is the same with respect to what you purchase from USPS post offices. Based on your requirement you can purchase books of stamps as that’s the best bet, since you don’t know when you may need them in the future. Otherwise, in the last hour, you have to search on an emergency basis.

The stores know the pulse of customers, and that’s why they are able to sell a host of other products in terms of cosmetics, food, stamps etc. apart from health-centric ones

What is the Cost of Stamps at CVS?

CVS takes into consideration various aspects such that customers shouldn’t be paying more price than what they otherwise are entitled to pay at the United States Post Offices. Hence, the cost of 20 First-Class Forever stamps is $11.60 (including tax) at the CVS stores. However, there are specific CVS locations where you can get the booklets at a discounted price. So, if you are the one who needs stamps occasionally, then it is an economical method that creates savings of several cents per stamp as you get per stamp at a discounted price of $0.58 (when compared with a single stamp). So, be a wise investor and take decisions at the right time.

What Makes CVS Different?

  • CVS is an ever-expanding store that has become the true friend of more than five million people while addressing their daily needs across the country with health-related products and services
  • CVS has been the first store which as per their serious business etiquettes have removed tobacco and cigarettes from their store
  • The massive, and a highly strong network of 30,000 pharmacists whose cooperation has created a strengthening network while addressing the needs of people daily.
  • There are also specially designated pharmacists with the sole purpose of advising the potential customers and addressing their concerns as well
  • The proper strategy has been put in place to carefully selecting the stores for operations and that’s the reason they can be found mostly in all neighborhoods in the length and breadth of the country

Extended Working Hours

CVS has spread itself as a giant body that has made a significant presence in over 43 states where it is operating in more than 6,200 locations. Hence, considering their easy reach, they are easily located. Few of them operate 24/7 while many are at the service of clients on weekends as well, thus making them an obvious and preferred choice for purchasing stamps, especially for those with a jam-packed schedule.

So, you know that you have a friend who is waiting for addressing your requirements, just anytime and every time you want. Isn’t it great? Yes, indeed.

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Final Thoughts

This is how you are going to be empowered with the most obvious and sure-cut answer to the question Does CVS sell postage stamps and it is a BIG YES. Indeed. Since, if you are urgently looking for stamps as you have a letter or mail to send, then get the stamps at the nearest store.

Considering their proximity, you are most probably going to find a store near you. The store has essential products for the ease of customers, including stamps which becomes the basis and reason to frequent the store, as customers get various essentials right under one single place. This fact is actually very favorable for people as they save a lot of time and money while fulfilling their needs.


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