Will Gill is among the top live event hosts in the USA. He is generally booked for corporate events as a professional emcee and DJ.

Will Gill is a virtuoso presenter and event host with the ability to connect with any crowd and play music of any genre. Will’s seamless transitions are known for an exciting flow, while his skillful performance acts as a bridge to let people be themselves. There are numerous reviews from prospective clients, making him the top-rated event emcee.

For his incredible stage performances, Will Gill was recently named one of Forbes’ Next 1000. Will Gill is well known for keeping crowds engaged online, and he was named Wall Street Journal’s Virtual DJ-Emcee for corporate America.

How To Become A Professional Emcee

Were you ever approached to become an event emcee? You might be unsure how to plan and get ready for an event. We have added seven tips for becoming a versatile event host and engaging with the attendees.

1. Understand Your Attendees

Being the emcee requires one to know who they’re performing for. This is because intimate weddings or ceremonies’ themes and atmosphere are much different from a virtual conference or corporate event.

When you’re on stage hosting, it’s vital to realize what type of audience you will be speaking to so that you can ask questions relevant to their circumstances and give answers that are entertaining for them as well as informative for any of your other listeners tuned in from around the globe.

2. Plan and Prepare

Being the host of a show requires a lot of preparation. In a public speaking event, one is often required to make up funny or humorous remarks during the event because things might change unexpectedly.

However, most live events are often pre-planned and go by without a hitch. Make sure you’ve got each and everything from test questions from your contestants to script and ready to go when needed! Don’t forget about emergency tech help as well. Your co-hosts or stage crew must keep an eye out to tackle sudden equipment issues so you can carry on with your presentation.

  1. Start strong

First impressions are critical when it comes to making a good lasting impact. The opening minutes will set the tone for all those in attendance and your guests of honor. A host must have confidence, check in with everyone gathered, and make sure that everything is running smoothly because no one wants to be at an event where an emcee is stumbling over their words or trying to wing it through.

4. Introduce yourself

Unfortunately, many emcees forget to mention a brief introduction before attempting to start a show or event. The audience will never fully connect with them if they don’t believe the emcee has credibility.

Let the audience know how long you’ve learned about the event, what involvement you have, and why you were selected for this task. If the audience thinks someone necessary is talking to them, they’re more likely to listen and become interested in that person.

5. Explain the significance of the event

Emcees are the ones who create a cheerful ambiance at their events and let others know how special they can be. For example, during the wedding reception, the emcee should talk about the couple to leave them feeling appreciated.

However, if the event is a charity fundraiser, your tone may sound more serious because standing up for such causes takes commitment and courage.

6. Interactions are important

An emcee who does all the talking during a wedding reception will bore some people and make others feel left out. Instead, asking the audience questions or letting them cheer together can make them feel like part of the event, and they’ll become more engaged. Some discussions could start with a round of applause from the audience too!

7. Have a Big Closing

Don’t forget to put a big closing speech as the final item on your agenda. Emcees can organize a group chant for the finale. You could host the last dance party for your attendees! The goal is to leave the audience with something memorable and a summary statement that encapsulates the event.

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