Movie posters have been around since the start of movies. Posters are the best way to advertise movies and reach a wider audience all across the globe. Professionally designed posters have always crafted the attention of the spectators.

The best movie posters are the ones that highlight the message of the movie through its creative design. These posters increase the viewer’s interest and curiosity and encourage him to watch the film without letting him know more than he should know before heading out to watch the movie.

In simple words, a professionally designed movie poster plays a vital role in the success of a movie and conveying the message to a wider audience.

How to Draw Movie Posters?

Previously, movie posters were hand-drawn; however, in recent years, movie posters have been drawn using online internet technology. There are certain online poster makers available which you can use to make the best movie posters, flyers, social media posts, menus, and all other branding items.

In this writing, we will highlight some of the best movie posters from history and discuss what makes those posters iconic. We hope this discussion will help you better understand what designing elements must be considered while designing a movie night poster.

So, stay with us and continue reading this guide to explore the best movie posters from the past.

5 Best Movie Posters from History

Here are a few best movie posters from history.

1. King Kong (1993)

King Kong is undoubtedly one of the top movies from the past. Apart from the story and acting, what makes this movie memorable is its iconic poster. The poster of the King Kong movie is undoubtedly a masterpiece.

In this poster, King Kong can be seen holding Fay Wray in his left pay on the façade of the Empire State Building. Similarly, King Kong can be seen grappling with a dinosaur in another scene on the same poster. Such a poster is called a B-Style poster which depicts visual triumph. Experts describe this poster as an astonishing artwork that highlights the subject of the movie.

2. The Mummy (1932)

Another movie poster that gained significant popularity was the poster of the movie “The Mummy.” This poster is an actual work of art and was created by Karoly Grosz. There are reportedly three known copies of this poster available.

This A-Style poster gained significant popularity and set a world record in 19997. It was auctioned for a massive price of $435,500 at the Sotheby’s.

3. Titanic (1999)

Who hasn’t heard about the famous movie Titanic? Of course, everyone has. No doubt the movie was a masterpiece but what was more astonishing was the poster of the movie. The Titanic movie poster is creatively designed and highlights everything that a viewer must know before heading out to watch a movie.

This poster depicts a titular ocean liner that splits the screen and warns about the imminent danger of the disaster. The poster shows the seminal romance between the actors, i.e., Jack and Rose. Their floating heads can be seen in the upper third of the poster. All these design elements are an accurate representation of a romantic poster.

4. A Clockwork Orange (1971)

When you put the first sight into the poster of “A Clockwork Orange,” you might feel a little confused or uneasy; however, putting a deeper insight into this poster will make you fall in love with it. In this poster, you can see a guy popping out at you with a knife.

This poster is great in the sense because it depicts different depths of field. Its multiple layers make it more multi-dimensional and imposing. The only thing that stops you from being a part of this masterpiece is the negative space barrier that is being breached by a blade. The poster received a lot of appreciation from the designers.

5. Parasite (2017)

The parasite is a South Korean thriller movie that broke all records and won an Oscar award for the best movie. This movie had a brilliantly designed movie poster that highlighted the film’s several themes, i.e., identity and its loss.

The best thing about this poster design is that it tells the viewer nothing about the twisted plot; however, it sucks him into its gravitational pull.


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